Introducing Julie George and Westwoods Pulse


My name is Julie George, and I would like to introduce myself as well as our blog, the Westwoods Pulse. I am the Westwoods market expert for 8z Real Estate. I am a great source for community information because I am a local full time realtor. I have been selling real estate since 1995 and have a passion for it. I stay on top of the market and will preview most new listings.

I live in the Sunrise Ridge neighborhood and enjoy all the area has to offer. I golf at West Woods golf course, mountain bike North Table Mountain, walk the many trails in the neighborhoods and open spaces, and enjoy many of the local restaurants.My husband and I moved to this area because of the easy access to the mountains, downtown, and airports. We were drawn to the Sunrise Ridge / Westwood area because of all of the open space.

I’ve launched Westwoods Pulse as a way to keep the current residents informed of what is happening in their community. This includes information to help current homeowners know what their home is worth, ways to make it more valuable, and to know what others in their neighborhood are up to. It’s also a forum for the community to have discussions about what’s happening around the neighborhood.

Keep up to date with the Westwoods Pulse Facebook page or on the blog. If we haven’t already, I look forward to meeting you. And for those of you who are new to the Westwoods community, welcome!

Julie George
Julie George